The Compound Is Located In Sheikh Zayed

The Block

Ideally situated in the charming heart of Sheikh Zayed, The Block is a visionary mixed-use destination, opening visitors’ eyes on a fully integrated experience where inspiring office spaces meet advanced clinics, powered by non-stop recreation in-between. The spirited destination is carefully planned on an approximate 3,000 m2 to neighbor Green 4 compound while enjoying direct access to Mehwer 26th of July road, Juhay- na Square and Mall of Egypt -only 5 minutes away-.

The Block is smartly designed with investors’ varied needs in mind. Hence, the destination boasts an im- pressive contemporary facade, offering ultimate visibility, as well as access from the main road to transform every retail/commercial space into a luring attraction point where brands can reflect their identity on the ground floor.

Single Project

Rising on three impressive levels, the mixed-use building lends each floor 1000 m2 to create a grand air of exclusivity while dedicating the second floor to house multiple office and clinic spaces with 4 private entry points – from the main road and underground parking-. Adopting a smart interconnected ap- proach, The Block encourages
seamless walkability, protected by ultimate privacy to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfected by high-quality finishes.

Our Location

very close to the most well-known Universities & International schools in Sheikh Zayed and 6th of October cities. Green 4 is very accessible through a network of highways such as 26th of July corridor, Cairo Alex Desert Road and Ring Road, Also, its strategic location allows you to access downtown in 30 minutes.

Services Available


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