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201KM – Alex, Matrouh Road – Ras El Hekma


Is designed to meticulously cater to the needs of true summer dwellers, a home for the original people of Sahel, creating a genuine experience that lives up to its name – “to be” in Arabic.

Koun encourages people to wind down and enjoy real summer vibes with no peer pressure and no obligations to be someone you are not…

A perfect fusion between modern simplicity and Mediterranean warmth, Koun’s architecture is a testament that you can have both practicality and beauty in one space.

With our signature Lagoon Condos, we have taken the concept of a modern summer dwelling to the next level. We have built smart spaces that cater to your exact needs, stripping away all the unnecessary while keeping it cozy enough to call home, perfect for all family sizes and needs.

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Koun Project

Wind down the day with a delicious dinner and revel with your friends and family on Koun’s commercial strip, a fully dedicated, mixed use, leisure area housing the biggest names in the F&B scene.

Alongside a wide selection of beach fashion brands, banks, a medical center and a fully functioning market area with a grocer and fresh produce.

All this comfortably and carefully snuggled inside the project to attend to your day-to-day needs.

Unit Types

Standalone , Twin house , Townhouses , Duplex , Lagoon Condos (1 Bedroom, 2 Bedrooms, 3 Bedrooms)

Payment Plan

Down Payment Starts from 5% Up to 10 years Installments

Our Location

201KM – Alex, Matrouh Road – Ras El Hekma

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Commercial Area


Boutique Hotel

Sports Courts

Facility Management Offices